15 February 2014

Shelter-No Baby Should be Homeless!

I know I'm stating the obvious, but no baby should be born homeless – right?
Sadly, that’s exactly the situation that baby Jack’s parents found themselves in when they left hospital with their new-born child. I know you’ll agree: it’s just not right.
You see, when baby Jack was discharged from hospital, two months premature, his parents didn’t have a home – despite asking the council to help them. On his very first night in the big wide world, Jack and his parents had no choice but to sleep on a park bench.
Thankfully, Jack’s dad rang us at Shelter the very next morning, and we made sure that they never spent a night outside again. Now they have a safe, permanent place to call home.
Although this kind of story is rare, the fact that it happened at all is truly shocking.
Your support has helped more families like Jack’s find a proper home – and today, you can help make a difference again with just two clicks.
Thank you,
Tom Micklewright Shelter

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