13 May 2014

Pray for Robert Green this Friday 16th May:

Dear Friends please pray for Robert Green this Friday, 16th May, as madness sweep over Britain.

Robert Green has just given Wilfred Wong  another update.
The key lawyer to pray for for Robert's court hearing this Friday, 16 May, is Gerry Sweeney, his solicitor, who will also be acting as his advocate at the court hearing.
Sweeney will be challenging the jurisdiction of the police in Aberdeen to arrest and charge Robert with the alleged violation of a non-harassment order.
The jurisdiction of Scotland's Crown Office - the equivalent of England's Crown Prosecution Service will also be called into question, given the fact that Robert resides in England and whatever offence he's alleged to have committed would have occurred in England.
If this legal challenge is completely successful it will mean that the Scottish authorities have to drop the charge against Robert and immediately and unconditionally release him.  
It will also help establish a helpful precedent that Robert should be free to campaign on the Hollie case at least in England, free from the threat of criminal prosecution.
Please pray for God's guidance on Gerry Sweeney and that he will use the right words and make all the right decisions in his preparation for Friday's court hearing and at the hearing itself.
Pray also for a good, independent and honest judge to preside over this court hearing.  
Much prayer needed for success for Robert at Friday's court hearing, that the charge against him is dropped and that he is swiftly and unconditionally released from prison.
Many thanks for all your prayers and support!!
best wishes,
David Skinner

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