29 May 2014

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In Sudan, a woman named Meriam was sentenced to death earlier this month. Before she's hanged, the court decreed, she will be lashed 100 times, making her death agonizing as well as cruel. You see, Meriam married an American Christian -- and for that, she'll face a horrible fate.

I signed a petition asking Sudan to free Meriam. Will you sign it, too?


Meriam has spent the last few weeks shackled to the floor of a prison, where her son, Martin, is also trapped. Adultery and violation of faith should not be considered crimes at all, let alone acts worthy of the death penalty. Human rights groups are calling this a breach of international human rights law.

It is absolutely imperative that Meriam be set free immediately. If you agree, will you sign this petition, too?

http://www.care 2.com/go/z/e/AiVJU/zOWI/cZaoB
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