1 June 2014

Spiritual Gems:

A Sad Tribute to the Greatest Unknown Friend

Is their a Person other than Jesus who seeks only your love, peace and joy and looks after you at every moment?  Yes!  This Person is in your soul personally if you are in a state of Grace just as He is in Heaven.  Most have little or just a vague understanding of this sublime Truth of our Faith...that this Person is the author of our Sanctification...the purpose of our existence....and that He actually dwells within you.

Few think of Him or pray to Him.  He has seven extraordinary Gifts for each of us which produce The Fruits of the divine life we must seek.  He seeks with His Spouse, Mary, to form Jesus Christ within our soul and in our body.  On this coming Pentecost Sunday, let us ask for the grace to finally know and enter into a meaningful, ongoing relationship with the Holy Spirit as we should have with the Father and the Son.  Do we not "hurt" this Divine Person of the Holy Trinity by so often ignoring or staying ignorant of Him?

From Fr. Paul O'Sullivan's classic short book entitled: "The Holy Spirit our Greatest Friend"


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