17 July 2014



Urge Lords to vote for care not killing

There is increasing pressure on members of the House of Lords to allow Lord Falconer's Bill through to the next stage on Friday. However, this would put vulnerable people at risk. You can help stop this from happening by contacting members of the House of Lords today. Simply write a short, hand-written note asking them to vote against the Bill and send it first class - click here for names. This Bill is not the way to debate a life and death issue.
On Friday, the House of Lords will debate a Bill to legalise assisted suicide. A change would put many vulnerable lives at risk and would legalise killing patients when they most need our compassion.

As the Archbishop of Canterbury has said, a change ‘is bound to lead to sensitive individuals feeling that they ought to stop “being a burden to others”. What sort of society would we be creating if we were to allow this sword of Damocles to hang over the head of every vulnerable, terminally ill person in the country?’

Click here to contact Peers.This Bill is not the way to debate a matter of life and death.

THREE reasons Christians oppose assisted suicide:
  • Humans are made in the image of God and God tells us that killing another human being is wrong.
  • Recognising the value and dignity of every human being, Christians have been radical pioneers in caring for the sick, often providing compassion and healthcare to those that society has left to die.
  • All people will face judgement after death and so a compassionate Christian response cannot allow those who do not know Jesus Christ to be sped towards their death and God’s judgement.

TWO additional points to make:
  • The Supreme Court has suggested that Parliament reconsider the law around euthanasia for the severely ill and disabled. However this Bill is not the right way to do this as it addresses a different situation (those facing terminal illness rather than those who are disabled or severely ill). Yet this Bill is something of a Trojan Horse - if it is voted through on Friday, it will make future erosion of the protections for vulnerable people much more likely.
  • All major disability rights groups oppose a change in the law, as does the World Medical Association, the British Medical Association, the Royal Colleges of Physicians and of General Practitioners, the Association for Palliative Medicine and the British Geriatric Society. 

ONE quick and easy way to make a difference:
  • Write today to members of the House of Lords urging them to attend the debate on Friday and oppose the Bill. Click here for a webpage where you can request the names of three Peers to whom to write. The automatically generated return e-mail contains guidance on what and how to write. However, a short hand-written note (sent first class) simply asking Peers to vote against the Bill, will also be effective at this stage.

Thank you for taking action to protect the vulnerable.

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