31 October 2012

Icon of our Lady of Czestochow:

Dear Guild Members and other Catholic bloggers,

My apologies in advance for this flagrant abuse of the Guild mailing list but the following is really quite important and I would be very grateful if you would support it on your blogs and in real life as well!

As some of you may already be aware, Catholic and Orthodox pro-lifers are currently working in partnership to complete a hugely ambitious pilgrimage in order to entrust the civilisation of life and love to the Mother of God. The pilgrimage is unprecedented in scale, a blessed copy of the Icon of our Lady of Czestochowa is travelling 18,000 miles from Vladivostok to Fatima and has already passed through many european countries.

From a secular perspective this is crazyness - to carry a piece of wood across Russia and Europe is not going to change the law on abortion etc, but in spiritual terms this is hugely important. We
cannot mend our culture on our own - we must entrust our civilisation to the care of the Mother of God.

The pilgrimage will be here in the UK on MONDAY with stops at Dover, Canterbury, Westminster Cathedral London, Walsingham, St Chad's Cathedral Birmingham, St Anthony's Church Manchester, Edinburgh Cathedral, Carfin (Scottish National Shrine to Our Lady) and St Andrew's Cathedral Glasow.

Please, please support this important endeavour!

You can read the history of the Ocean to Ocean pilgrimage here:

The prayer of entrustment (which contains the essence of what the pilgrimage is all about) is here:


You can keep up to date with the UK part of the pilgrimage here:


Many thanks and sorry to be spamming you...


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