9 December 2012

'Because Malala Gives Me Hope'

When Farina from Pakistan signed the petition calling for Malala to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize she simply commented "because Malala gives me hope".  
On Monday I will be delivering Farina's signature along with yours and 256,000 others from around the world, to No 10. Downing Street for the attention of the Prime Minister. I’ll be joined by three young campaigners from the Send My Friend to School campaign. 
At the same time in Stockholm this year’s winner, the European Union, will be presented with the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize. 
Can you help boost the chances that next year it will be Malala winning the award by sharing the petition one final time before I take it to Downing Street?
Share the petition with your friends on Twitter and Facebook now, or forward the email below to your friends.
We have already gained the support of over 256,000 people from around the world -- and this week over a dozen MPs replied to emails from some of you to say they intend to nominate Malala. 
Please join me in getting as many people as possible to sign the petition before Monday by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook or email now. 
Thank you,
----- Email to forward to a friend --------
On Monday the Nobel Peace Prize for 2012 will be awarded to the European Union. Next year I want to see the prize go to Malala, the young school girl from Pakistan that was shot by Taliban gunmen for her campaign to make sure every girl receives an education. 
Please join me and sign the petition to ask UK leaders to nominate Malala for the award. The petition will be delivered to the Prime Minister at Downing Street on Monday.
Thank you.

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