23 May 2013

Christian Concern:

Marriage Bill Prayer - Keeping Up the Momentum
Watch footage of the gathering
momentum at this week's
prayer gatherings (2m 58s) >

Download a poster (pdf) for
the next prayer gathering on
3rd June >

Watch a BBC News report
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the gathering at 1m 20s in >

Thank you for praying this week during the debate of the Government's Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill.

It was fantastic to see so many of you outside the Houses of Parliament. The prayer gatherings were featured in national news bulletins and most of the national newspapers. This is a great witness that Christians care about God's design for marriage and the future of our country.

Here are some links to newspaper articles which mention or show pictures of the gatherings:

And a link to some of the BBC's news coverage:

BBC News report  (video) >

Prime Minister's problems

David Cameron appeared on Radio 4's Today Programme yesterday morning attempting to give the impression that the same sex 'marriage' issue is now behind the Conservative Party. But the votes of Conservatives in the House of Commons on Tuesday shows that the Prime Minister faces a divided party. 129 Conservative MPs voted against the Bill and only 118 Conservatives voted in favour of it.

Andrea Minichiello Williams said:

"Mr Cameron thinks that this issue is behind him but he still doesn't seem to realise how divisive it has been. The Conservatives lost thousands of votes at the recent local elections. Grassroots Conservatives have been all over the media saying how out of touch the Prime Minister is with his party. Just because the Bill has moved on from the Commons doesn't mean that Mr Cameron's problems are over.

"It was a mistake for him to pursue this policy and the way that he has pursued it - without mandate - has left a bitter taste in the mouth for many who voted for him at the last election.

"The battle for marriage is far from over and we expect the vote in the House of Lords on 3rd June to demonstrate this".

Next steps...

The Bill has passed through the House of Commons but now it goes to the House of Lords where many Conservatives are also likely to vote against it. Peers will vote on the Bill at second reading on Monday 3rd June. We are planning to gather again for prayer outside the Houses of Parliament. Please put the date in your diary and join us if you can!

It's vital that we keep up the momentum we've built up with the prayer gatherings during the Commons debate.

Please tell your friends and churches about the event. You can download a poster here to put up in church this Sunday >

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