23 May 2013

Please Help!:

 Help Requested For Resourcing The Lords Debate On Same-Sex Marriage!

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.  Voltaire

Dear Colleague,

The Working Party on the Impact of SSM, Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group, Westminster, is partnering  with members of the MSC Group, Anglican Mainstream, to produce high quality research-based argumentation at the request of some peers for the upcoming House of Lords debate on the Same-Sex Couples Bill which starts on June 3rd. There is a real possibility that this 'marriage-wrecking' bill could be defeated in the Lords.  Could you help us in this important task?

We are concerned by the very real impact of SSM on all  our marriages, families, faith and other  communities.  SSM is not about the lovely gay couple next door who has been wanting to get ‘married’ for decades:  it is about how all our marriages will be redefined and the pernicious effect on children deliberately half-orphaned.  We are also concerned about the loss of freedom of conscience and religious liberty.  Many evangelical Christians (even) appear reticent to address these issues.

We invest heavily in research both here and in countries with SSM (such as Canada).  This has become the basis for seven  projects which we hope will educate, energize and  empower peers and other leaders to answer pro-gay arguments.  We believe we are countering some of the most often-cited myths with solid, fact-based research.

Given the alarming speed of the bill through Parliament,  though, we need to get our skates on!   Many of our team work almost 24/7 and sacrificially invest because they believe in the cause.  However, we would be in a stronger place if we could have a bit of financial help.  Our costs for these projects include:

1/ Travel:  £500

2/ Printing, envelopes, stationery, mailings:  £1000

3/ Admin:  £1000

4/ Phone conferences: £200    

5/ Resources:  £300

Total:  £3000.00

Please do be in touch with me if I can be of further service.

Gifts may be sent to Anglican Mainstream, 21 High Street, Eynsham, OX29 4HE or made through the Anglican Mainstream website www.anglican-mainstream.net and click on donate and then click on the Anglican Mainstream button. They may be gift-aided and a form is enclosed.

Every blessing


Lisa Severine Nolland,  MA MCS PhD (University of Bristol)

Convenor, Marriage Sex and Culture Group, Anglican Mainstream

Co-Convenor, Working Party on the Impact of SSM, Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group, Westminster
0117 924 4896   Ls.n@talktalk.net 

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