1 May 2013

Pray More Novenas-The Power Of Prayer:

Peace be with you!
You've been praying these novenas for a while now, and I hope that our prayers have been a blessing to you! 
Through our novenas, people have come back to God after years of being away. Prayers have been answered and hearts have been changed. You have been a part of this success! 
We are so happy that you are a part of this prayer community! But there are still many more people who have not yet been reached. 
I want to see even more people touched by the power of prayer through these novenas. If this novena service has been a blessing to you, please continue to help me reach more people! 
CLICK HERE to make a small donation to support this ministry! 
My wife, Annie, and I see Pray More Novenas as being similar to "listener supported radio." A lot of people benefit, but only a small number of generous people support it.
That small number of people support it because it is helpful to them AND because they are so generous that they want it to help others. 
Will you be one of those people for Pray More Novenas?  
Thank you for being a part of this and for giving back in whatever way you can! 
We're praying for you!
God bless you!
John-Paul and Annie - PrayMoreNovenas.com
P.S. Here's the link to help us continue to grow! 
604 E. Armory Ave., Champaign, IL 61820, USA

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