20 December 2013

Announcing New Daily Video Feature from The Fatima Center:

from new program: “Your Questions Answered with Father Gruner”. Tune in daily!

Announcing New Daily Video Feature from The Fatima Center:
“Your Questions Answered with Father Gruner”

December 19, 2013

       We have started a new daily video series on our Fatima Network. It is called “Your Questions Answered with Father Gruner”.
       Each day, Monday through Friday, we will post on our Fatima webpage a new five-minute video wherein Father Gruner answers a question sent from our readers. John Vennari hosts the program.
       As you know, there is a tremendous amount of confusion worldwide concerning Fatima, and concerning the most basic rudiments of the Catholic Faith.
       Our new “Questions Answered with Father Gruner” gives you the opportunity to ask questions, and also to watch each day to receive clear answers on many topics pertaining to Fatima and Catholicism.
       So far we will deal with a number of questions regarding the Consecration of Russia: “What is Consecration?”, “Is Russia Being ‘Picked on’?”, “Has the Consecration Been Done?”, “Why Do Good People Suffer if the Consecration is Not Done?”, and other general Catholic questions such as: “May Catholics Eat Meat on Friday?”, “Why Do We Kneel During the Consecration of the Eucharist?”, and similar points.
       Other questions we shall deal with in the near future are: “What About Confession Before We Receive the Eucharist?”, “Why Does the Priest Say Three Masses on Christmas?”, “What About Exorcisms?”, “Why Has the Full Third Secret Not Been Revealed?”, “Is the Devil Real?”, and many other topics.
       A new video will be posted every day, Monday through Friday. All videos are archived for future viewing. We will continue to post these videos over the Christmas holidays as well. Tune in every day! To view at any time, go to the new Q & A webpage: www.fatima.org/questions.aspx
       Please pray for the success of this new project. Tell others about it. And please, feel free to send us your questions via email at: questions@thefatimacenter.com


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