15 May 2014


Quiz your candidates!

Next Thursday (22nd May), the UK will elect 73 Members of the European Parliament for the next 5 years. These representatives will have significant influence over life in the UK and across Europe. The elections are also being seen as a test of public opinion ahead of next year's General Election. The results are likely to have an impact on what policies the parties offer to the electorate next year. This is an important opportunity to raise issues that are of great concern for Christians. 
How will you vote?

To help you make the most of your vote, we have developed an easy-to-use tool to enable you to contact the European Parliamentary candidates in your area and find out what they think about some key issues - including marriage, Christian freedoms and the protection of human life. 

It only takes a few moments to complete - click here to use it right now

You can use the tool to quiz candidates in your region from the bigger parties. To get in touch with the smaller parties, including the Christian Peoples Alliance, please visit this page.

Sending a message

The 'Quiz the candidates' tool sends an email message to the candidates that you choose. Hopefully,they will respond quickly so that you know where they stand and can make an informed choice. But even if they don't, sending a message ensures that they know what issues are important to you as a Christian. So don't delay, take five minutes to send a message by clicking here.

It's local too

There are also local elections taking place in many parts of the UK. We'd encourage you to get in touch with your local candidates too and ask them about what matters to you - you could use the questions on the 'quiz your candidates' tool as a guide.

Making the most of the opportunity

Please make the most of the opportunity to help your candidates understand more about issues that matter to Christians - and please use your vote wisely. Please also pray for the outcome of the elections and for those who are elected.

Telling others

Please let us know how your candidates respond so that we can build up a national picture and please encourage others to use the 'Quiz the candidates' tool.
Thank you!

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