16 May 2014

Christian Concern- Critical call for funding - update

Critical call for funding - update

Andrea Williams
Dear friends and supporters,

I am writing to you with deep gratitude for the overwhelming response we have received to our critical call for funding.

Our immediate deficit has been closed already by your faithful giving and we are humbled, amazed and in awe of the Lord Jesus. For those of you who have responded my heartfelt thanks. Many of you have written and shared that you pray for us regularly; for this I am also enormously grateful.

Regular committed giving makes up only a third of our income, we desperately need more partners to establish us firmly and help us plan wisely for the future.  We’re a faith filled ministry rising to the tasks the Lord sets before us to do; we never turn away a Christian in genuine difficulties for their faith because we can’t afford to take on their case.


Our reality remains that every month the needs of the work grow and the requests for support, guidance and legal assistance rise unabated.

Our goal remains to cover much of the ongoing costs of the organisation through regular committed giving. We are making progress but there is still a long way to go!

Many of you responded to help us to stabilise our core costs - by establishing a Direct Debit or Standing Order of £5 per month. Thank you so much. This is the long-term foundational commitment that will make the difference. This is partnering together for His Name and the proclamation of the hope that is found in Jesus Christ alone.

If you have not yet responded to our call will you do so now?

We are standing in the gap - thank you for standing with us!

Andrea Williams
Chief Executive
Christian Concern, Christian Legal Centre

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